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When asked what I do for a living I tell folks I am a father – and, as a second career, I teach outdoor and environmental education.

I have six children, all but the oldest being girls. All time with the kids is quality time, but I do enjoy the hikes, canoe trips, winter sledding and any other outdoor activities we share.

I started teaching environmental education in 1987, spending the first 15 years working for various conservation authorities in Ontario, Canada. Since 2003, I have been the Coordinator of the Field Centres for the Peel District School Board just west of Toronto.

While outdoor and experiential environmental education may seem traditional, it is often the perfect avenue for bringing learners together. This has led me to speaking engagements with other school boards and agencies on “Why the Campfire is the Perfect 21st Century Learning Tool” and “My Niche in the Community” which blend traditional outdoor education with 21st century learning.

When not teaching youth, or adults for that matter about the world around us,  I have somehow found the time to be a Scout Leader for 16 years and have run over 40 (and counting) full marathons.

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