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Running a Marathon to Support the Peel Learning Foundation

October 16, 2020

Dear friends – 

I am a marathon runner. I’ve run 40 marathons in my life so far. For me I suppose it is the challenge of the endurance. 

But honestly, everyone is a marathoner in some way. 

As an example, I am also a father of six … and this involves an endurance that any parent can relate to. 

Now, we can add COVID-19 and so many other considerations outside our own influences. 

In both the marathon and in life there are uphills and downhills.  Everyone faces challenges in their life. Sometimes we can get through on our own – and sometimes we need to ask for help. 

And that’s why I’m running my 41st marathon in support of the Peel Learning Foundation. 

The Peel Learning Foundation helps students throughout our schools overcome barriers they face from poverty so they can be as successful as possible in their education.

The Foundation provides support so that students can get clothing, food, soap, deodorant, bus tickets, school supplies, backpacks and many other things. They help students in some of the hardest times of their life – and give them a hand getting through the challenges they face.

As an educator at the PDSB, I’ve seen students who need a hand – as I’m sure you have to. That‘s why the Peel Learning Foundation helps through their Student Emergency Needs Program and the Student Backpack Program. 

In the next week or two, I’m going to run the the 2020 Toronto Waterfront Marathon Virtual Race. I have the perfect route planned out – from the gate of the Jack Smythe Field Centre in Terra Cotta, straight down Winston Churchilll to Jack Darling Park.  Across the Peel District School Board, as I run through Caledon, Brampton and Mississauga I hope 42 of my friends and colleagues will sponsor me for $42. That’s $1 for every kilometre. Maybe some people will give $21 or $10.50 – whatever people give – it will make a difference.

With your support, every step I take will bring hope for our students.  Every dollar raised means that the Foundation can provide students with groceries, clothing or other needed items. And in this time of COVID-19, there’s never been a more important time to support the amazing students in our system and help them build more hopeful tomorrows.

Please support me in help the Peel Learning Foundation help our students by donating at:

Thank you for your support,


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