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#KindergartenBioBlitz Seasons’ Changing Edition Feb 26th – March 2, 2018 An #EnviroEd Early Years Adventure

January 29, 2018


Spring is around the corner … The weatherman and the groundhog can use whatever tools at their disposal to tell us exactly when that might happen – but one thing they both agree on is that it is indeed, coming.

Five years ago, in an effort to “extend the experience” of environmental education beyond the day trip we created the #kindergartenbioblitz. Although an insanely large hashtag, it is also an insanely collaborative venture into the realm of natural inquiry for early years teachers.

Although originally meant for teachers within my own Board, it quickly spread to other regions and is now a global phenomenon. Three times a year this week-long inquiry is offered and the February/March version is focussed on the fact that in many parts of the world the seasons are beginning to change. This edition of the ‘Blitz will run from Monday, February 26 to Friday, March 2, 2018. 

Each day of the week students are asked a different leading question to help start the investigations of their schoolyard communities. Here is a “story” on how to participate yourself if you have not to this point.

Melting ice, the first migrating species returning, or the maple sap being collected and starting to boil with the taste of syrup in the air. Depending on where you are, this time year means different things to different people.

We’ve had classes from Australia participate where the seasons are the opposite of our in North America. We’ve also had classes from Singapore where the concept of “seasons” is more focussed on the amount of precipitation that falls than changes in temperature. Students tend to become fascinated and begin questioning what each other discovers.

And that’s one of the most powerful things about the #kindergartenbioblitz. It allows classes to not only participate and speak to naturalists about what they are seeing but more importantly ask each other questions about where they live.

When classes from Australia or Chile explain to those in North America that it is not spring where they live, or when classes in Singapore ask classes in other places what seasons even are like since they do not tend to experience them in the same ways it leads to all sorts of questions between students from around the world.

Locally we tie the Seasons’ Changing edition of the ‘Blitz to the Britannia Sugar Bush which in itself is an outstanding way of seeing the spring approach. If following along you’re sure to see some sweet, sweet learning taking place.

So pass the word, join in the #kindergartenbioblitz at the end of February!



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