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Weekly Challenge for #EnviroEd # 79 #KindergartenBioBlitz turns 4 years old

June 4, 2017



It’s hard to believe 4 years ago this week we started our #KindergartenBioBlitz initiative in my own local school board. The initial concept was to try to “extend the experience” of our outdoor education centres by compelling our local classes to explore their own backyards over the period of a school week.

By the second day though the power of social media become clear as it has spread beyond my own school board into other provinces. Teachers in Calgary, Alberta and elsewhere began to contribute as well.

It was such a success that we decided that we should try to do it three times each year. Now it runs the first full week of June, the second full week of September and the last week of February every year. Here’s a Steller story for classes how to take part for those wishing to participate. 

Kindergarten classes from every hemisphere now take part and share what they’ve discovered in their own backyards.

The power of collaboration is immense. I recall a few years back during a #KindergartenBioBlitz session sharing a photo of a Striped Skunk that was on my own front lawn early one morning as I left to work. By the time I did the 40 minute drive classes from Australia were responding to that photo excited to see a “Pepe LePew” as they felt they didn’t have anything that “cool” in their school yards. They only had kookaburra and Kangaroos – this of course lead classes in North America to respond that they had never seen these animals before.


#KindergartenBioBlitz is a ridiculously large hashtag with ridiculously large potential for both connecting your class to their local environment and to other classes around the world.

So I challenge you to get your class involved – Join in from June 5-9th, 2017 for our fourth anniversary. Share, respond to others, question other classes and enjoy. For when one takes the time to explore their own community it doesn’t take long to recognize that nothing – in or out of this world is ordinary or plain.


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