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#EnviroEd Chat Continues To Evolve

April 25, 2016


For those unaware there is a strong Personal Learning Network available to those interested in environmental and outdoor education. We’ve been working on this PLN for 3 years now offering a weekly twitter chat using the hashtag #EnviroEd every Wednesday night at 9 pm (New York/Toronto time).

During that time we’ve Storifed each and every chat and the topics while varied are always engaging and hopefully – timely.

Typically the chats have been organized each week by myself and co-moderator Paul Kelba of the Calgary Board of Education. Paul has been a truly inspiring part of my professional career path since we came across each other on Twitter about 4 years ago. I have only been lucky enough to meet the man once in person (it seems every time one of us is in the other’s neighbourhood the other is missing in action) but we collaborate  and learn from each other on an on going basis.

While Paul and I tend to moderate there are without a doubt other key members of this PLN many with almost perfect “attendance” in the weekly chats as well. Over the last few years we’ve had dedicated folk from Brazil, Cambodia, Japan, England, Australia, Scotland, the States, Canada and even from outdoor educators on the high seas (when in a wifi friendly port!). Of course, for many of these people, the set time of a weekly chat can be problematic as we attempt to connect from different timezones.

In the last number of months I’ve come to count Steve Body and Chris Vella of Australia as “natural resources” for the #EnviroEd crew as well. These two gentlemen have a passion for environmental education and adapting it to today’s learners’ needs that is enviable. These two fine gentlemen are definitely worth a follow.

They also have two other qualities worth mentioning … the desire for teamwork and the desire to grow and share in their own learning.

So, this past week, the two of them hosted the inaugural Aussie #EnviroEd chat. In one week they increased our PLN substantially and it was such a success that they plan on continuing the chat using the #EnviroEd hashtag every second week.

So – moving forward, #EnviroEd chat is truly becoming more global. Starting in May the chat will be hosted by our Australian cohorts on Wednesday nights at 8 pm (Sydney time) with Paul and I hosting the following week at 9 pm (Toronto time) . We will continue to alternate each week.

We’re always looking for new ideas, new recruits and new connections so please feel free to join us!


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