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Weekly (or Monthly?) Challenge for #EnviroEd # 73 April, A Celebration of Environmental Impact

April 4, 2016


April is a special month … in Canada we celebrate National Wildlife Week from April 10-16. April 22 is Earth Day. Arbour Day is April 29th. And of course many of us are preparing our teaching gardens and outdoor classrooms this month. It’s a month to celebrate the Earth and therefore a month to promote environmental education as well.

I’ve often told classes that the most important thing one can do for the environment is to learn more about it. And – the best way to learn about it is to immerse yourself in it frequently … as such I was thinking of putting out a challenge for the entire month!

These are for the most part quite simple challenges – I purposely didn’t set them up for specific days for while one day may seem perfect for one class to do item 1 – another class may decide to do another task because of the weather or even let’s say the “indoor climate” that day.

As such, this month I would like to challenge the #EnviroEd PLN to tackle as many of the following as possible this month:

  1. With support of school administration, clean up the school yard
  2. Learn about a local endangered species & share with others
  3. Promote outdoor play ideas for other classes
  4. Discuss ways to save water at home
  5. Begin to grow native plants in the classroom
  6. Don’t turn on the classroom lights all day (saving energy)
  7. Do an outdoor math lesson (& share it with others online!)
  8. Plant a tree
  9. Challenge another class to see who can reduce more waste in the classroom
  10. Help the students plan & then have them lead staff on a short interpretive hike
  11. Discuss the concept of “Noise” & “Light Pollution” and their effects on wildlife
  12. “Flip” an environmental education lesson – send outdoor play home as homework
  13. Take time for a Visual Arts lesson outdoors
  14. Take time to speak to an “expert” – a Naturalist – on Nature Inquiry (ie Skype, Twitter, in person)
  15. Working with your Librarian create a “Fave Earth-Friendly Books List”
  16. Have a “Picnic Lunch” or “Outdoor Nutrition Break”
  17. Create constellations in the classroom (ie Tin Can Constellations“)
  18. Interview an Insect
  19. Have your students/school create a challenge for other schools utilizing social media
  20. Document, Storify, Tweet, Blog or share all your learning and exploration this month with the #EnviroEd PLN!

That’s 20 challenges for your class – perhaps even one a day in the month of April. How many are you up for?


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