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Weekly Challenge for #EnviroEd # 72 #KindergartenBioBlitz Seasons Changing Edition

February 17, 2016

image (9)

Get ready to explore to share and to question … February 22-26th is our next #KindergartenBioblitz!

I have spent a number of days in the last month working with Kindergarten students both at their school and at our own outdoor education facilities. We’ve gathered, we’ve explored, we shared, we played and most important of all we’ve walked away with more questions than we came with.

I’ve come to recognize that the most vital thing one can bring back from any hike or outdoor experience with your students is questions. Questions for the students to explore in the library, online, with each other or other classes or even at home with their loved ones after school.

And, I think that’s where #KindergartenBioBlitz brings outdoor natural inquiry.

This week long inquiry of school grounds and explorations for your early years classes grants permissions and focus each day over the week to see the world around you. The classes that get the most out of it though are not just those who share images and questions on their own discoveries but instead the real magic occurs when classes begin collaborating with each other.

We invite your class to participate, to explore and share their findings each day using the ever so long but ever so influential hashtag. For those that have not participated before, #KindergartenBioBlitz has been running for four years now (three times each year) and has grown well beyond my own school board and over the last year especially has gone global.

Other outdoor education facilities have stepped up to promote it to their local classes and be “experts” in their own right. Although without a doubt the best experts are the students in other classes that respond to the discoveries of others.

For more information on the “Season’s Changing Edition” of #KindergartenBioBlitz or to see how we connect it to a month long inquiry of the great Canadian tradition of the Sugar Bush you can look here.

For the Steller Story on how to participate in the initiative you can click here.



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