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Day 83 – Rob Ridley, Coordinator (Field Centres)

January 21, 2016

A post for our Board’s 188 Project on using the outdoors to spark creativity and collaboration with colleagues.

Peel21st Project 188

I had a teaching colleague come up to me this week and say, “it must be nice to work outdoors – the solitude would be welcomed”. The funny thing is the more time you spend outdoors teaching the more you see that solitude perhaps is not the right word.

Frustrated? Step outside. A new perspective on that math lesson? Step outside. Writer’s block? Step outside. (as I did for this post, formulating the concept on an early morning run).

In fact I’d argue that the outdoors is almost an organic, solar powered Maker Space.  I have promoted the fact often that the outdoors is in fact the perfect space and atmosphere for collaboration. Forget desks in a row, forget “pods” – Students need the permission to move to work with others which many the educator finds easier to grant in an outdoor setting.

Connections abound when outdoors – for faculty as well as students…

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