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Discussing Disposables Over a Cup of Joe?

October 31, 2015


Yesterday on CBC radio I listened to a discussion on the scandal that Starbucks, Tim Horton’s and other coffee companies are throwing our their used cups more often than not instead of recycling them as perhaps they promise.

While this could be easily considered a form of “green washing” – and justifiably is a black eye to these caffeinated giants it raises an even greater question in my mind …

Why should I feel cheated? Why is it up to a company to recycle a product after we’ve purchased it? Aren’t we as well just “green washing” by blindly leaving our footprint up to someone else to look after? If we are truly concerned about it, why not bring a reusable cup when we go in? Or even better perhaps in the name of sustainability bring your own home-brewed, coffee which you hand-picked off a store shelf after researching the best choices.

Don’t get me wrong … I have six kids and any given night two of them likely will not be having a grand sleep.  And I work outdoors all day even in the coldest of weather.

… I not only love my coffee from the store, I’m not sorry to say it’s a necessity.

I do my very best to use reusable mugs from home.  On those few times if I forget it, I’m going to use a disposable. Then it’s my responsibility. I’ve purchased it.  Heck – some places will even put my name on the cup if there was any doubt regarding the ownership.  – I’m going to feel the pang of guilt at my own actions and I will likely use the same cup for the entire day, (the joke then being I only have one cup of coffee each day – I just keep topping it up).

I’m glad this news story came out … these and other companies often say they are trying to do the right thing environmentally but sometimes a little kick in the pants is a great way to get an otherwise “decaffeinated” goal “perking” again.

But I hope consumers take some time as well to be thinking about their own actions because whether you’re point a finger or holding that disposable cup – there’s still a lot more fingers pointing right back at you.

With that said, excuse me … I’m going to top up my mug.


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