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Weekly Challenge for #EnviroEd # 71 Write Your Hike, Hike your Tale

October 4, 2015


In Ontario where I live the first week of October each year is Ontario Hiking Week. It is the perfect time to be out and marveling at the fall colours and watching migrating birds pass through our region.

Hiking is not only a super healthy activity to do with your family or class but is also a chance to create your own choose your own adventure tale for the students to tell.

Have your students ever sang the song, “Going on a Bear Hunt?” This week, why not have them create their own experiential version in or around their schoolyard. Tell the tale of the hiking you do this week. How will you prepare? Did the weather impact your decisions? What were the biggest discoveries?

Pay attention – you will see leaders where you expected none. You will see inquiry where you never thought to look. And, I guarantee you will see a desire to do it all more than once.

And, as their teacher I encourage you this week to help document the story. There are some amazing apps out there for you to make use. Erik Missio approached me this week for an article he was writing for CBC Parents this week on How Technology is Like a Pair of Binoculars and the article mentions numerous apps one can use.

Although you can help them document and tell the tale of their journey – I recommend leaving the journey itself up to them. Let them decide the paths you take but be their as a guide to insure that wise decisions are made.

Language Arts and storytelling is the goal of the challenge – please feel free to share your stories with me and others!


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