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Weekly Challenge for #EnviroEd # 68 #KindergartenBioBlitz Autumn 2015 Edition

September 13, 2015


It’s time again for another round of this popular school yard based inquiry! For those not aware, #kindergartenbioblitz has been a staple not only in the Peel District School Board were I work but over the years has grown into other classes across the globe.

We encourage teachers and students to explore and create questions on what shares their school yards with them. Send photos, sound clips, Vines, videos and other queries on Twitter using the hashtag #kindergartenbioblitz during the week of September 14th – 18th. What insects, plants, weather and other outdoor marvels can your students find.

I guarantee that no matter how long an educator has worked at a school, by looking at it through the eyes of a four or five year old – you will see the school yard in a whole new light.

Each day has a different theme to help carry on the inquiry as described here in this Steller online story created to share with your students.

Monday: “Predictions” – what do you think you’ll discover

Tuesday: I notice …” statements – share what you find by taking the time to #lookclosely in and around your school community

Wednesday: “I wonder …” statements – having taken the time to look closely – share your wonders with others. What are you curious about?

Thursday: “This reminds me of …” statements – On this day we try to find similarities to the students life, memories, things they have seen or heard of and more. There is super discussion by this point in the week.

Friday: “Sharing the Journey” – on this fifth and final day we ask classes to retell their #kindergartenbioblitz story – via iMovie, Padlet, Storify, blogs, or in other ways.

At the end of the week I’ll Storify the week’s dialogue and add to our Pinterest page as well.

The power of this thrice a year initiative is in the participants though. #kindergartenbioblitz is as successful as its participants allow it to be. Share your discoveries with each other – but just as important I encourage you to respond to others be they at a school down the road or across the ocean. More than one class to class project has begun with the connections made via social media on this simple yet powerful project.

We’ve even had high school students join in and ask Kindergarten classes questions or answered their own questions which makes the younger students feel even more engaged.

So this week’s challenge is to participate, spread the word and encourage in the autumn 2015 edition of #kindergartenbioblitz!


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