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Weekly Challenge for #EnviroEd # 66 – A “Parsley Placer” Picnic

June 7, 2015


We all know the “big people” at the school are the students. They are the ones that the teachers, the TA’s and everyone else in the classroom work for each and every day. In the days of old, pupils would bring an apple for the Schoolmistress. Parents more recently would say thank you to their kids teachers with a gift card or World Best Teachers Mug.

worlds best teacher mug

And while we could all use another World Best Teachers Mug, (and I do mean that with sincerity) I think with the school year ending in June it would be a marvelous time to thank all those “little people” behind the scenes. The ones the kids pass in the hall each day but may not have constant contact with.

Awhile back, in my own Board’s 184 Blog I wrote a blog post on parsley. Parsley it turns out is a vital part of the plating process in the professional kitchen but we may not pay attention to it at all. The post focused on recognizing the “Parsley Placers” in our lives. Those people who do essential things for us that we tend to take for granted.

We just finished a wonderful week of #KindergartenBioBlitz which is storified here. And while enjoying tweets from classes on this BYOD Backyard Safari I noticed Calgary’s Heather Mackay’s class tweet out a photo of their Principal Ian Fero joining them on their hunt. I also know other Principals such as Mississauga’s Rob DiProspero have joined the classes of Laurel Fynes or Deb Croft.

This got me to thinking about all that our administration and others do for us all school year-long – Principals, Vice Principals, secretaries, custodians and of course Superintendents and Trustees. We shouldn’t forget those lunch time supervisors, parent councils or Big Brother and Sister Mentors either.

We really should be encouraging these vital links to our daily learning to join us outdoors. It shows students that it is valuable to others and at the same time shows those other adults the value of why we are so impassioned by learning outdoors.

With the school year ending, it seems like a perfect time to give some thanks by inviting them out to join your class to enjoy the great outdoors. I suggest taking some time this month to invite your favorite behind the scenes folks for a picnic. Allow those most Valuable Players to play outdoors with you and enjoy a little fresh air and snacks under your favorite tree or in your outdoor teaching space.

So this week’s challenge is to show some nutritious, delicious recognition for all those people at the school behind the scenes that make your classroom such a sunny place to learn and grow.

As always, would love for to share how it goes!

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