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Weekly Challenge for #EnviroEd # 57 – 1st 100 Days of Environmental Inquiry

January 5, 2015


The winter break is over and everyone heads back to school. January is a special time in education as with a hopefully refreshing break for many now behind us – educators have New Year’s Resolutions firmly in place.

Although, at the same time, the school year is not just beginning – in fact we are approaching another milestone altogether. It was during the time of the Great Depression when Franklin D Roosevelt first mentioned the 1st 100 Days as a way to measure his new government’s effectiveness. Since then, presidents, executives and yes teachers have used the same milestone as a chance to reflect and assess productivity.

This is the time of year when many the educator, for their own sanity or for the sake of the students find a burning desire to change desk rows or add a new display board or even a new measurement tool.

I am a fan of this. Just as some students will excel when the lesson is brought outdoors, a change in routine inside the classroom can also be a wonderful tool for stimulating the mind as well. Below are just a few ideas for you …

  1. Begin the day or week with a short video on environmental ethics/issues
  2. Create a display within the classroom to showcase environmental inquiry your class is working on
  3. Begin a blog or photo journal on your environmental learning for parents and other classes
  4. Move desks into a different arrangement and have desk groups study local wildlife or habitats as a side project
  5. Arrange to speak (in person or via the web) with an environmental expert on a semi-regular basis

So, I challenge you as educators to have a look back at your 1st 100 days in the classroom this year. Speak to your students about what they’ve enjoyed in the realm of their environmental education initiatives and ask them what they’d like to see as well. Leading up to your own 100 days, what do you plan on incorporating or encouraging to inspire your students’ environmental inquiry?

Share your thoughts with your PLN?


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