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Weekly Challenge for #EnviroEd # 56: 12 Days of Outdoor Winter Family Time

December 14, 2014


In my neck of the woods it is the week before the Winter Break. For many this means Christmas, or Hanukkah or Kwanza but whether it is a religious time for your students families or not – it can be a spiritual time.

The weeks to come have the potential of creating wonderful and lasting memories. Traditions continue and traditions begin but the memories that tend to stand out the most are less about what ends up under a tree and are more focused on family experiences.

Looking back on my own childhood I remember heading out to get our tree each year. Sometimes we’d cut it from a neighbour’s farm and other times we’d buy it from a local tree farm already cut but I do recall the discussions each and every year with all my siblings on what made the perfect tree. I also remember heading out for hot chocolate after and while I am not a fan of hot chocolate myself (and never have been) I would have been disappointed if that tradition stopped.

In my house the last few years my wife and I have focused more on experience than on material items. The department store catalogues still have cut outs and circled items and the gifts under our tree are always plentiful but the “big gift” is an experience. Perhaps it is a play downtown, or outdoor time but it is always something we are doing as a family – and the efforts have paid back in spades. My kids love the snow and our outdoor time.

So, my kids and I created a Haiku Deck of what we feel the 12 Days of Outdoor Winter Family Time should look like and I welcome you to share this with your class if in a snow blanketed region. As with past discussions we tried to focus on the fact not everyone has a mountain or even a hill in their neighbourhood so purposefully kept it simple and easy for most to do if you have snow.

Give some of them a try and by all means, send me a tweet back if you hear of any of your students giving some of these a try over their time off. I’d love to share with my own kids and as it would relate to the last item … it would make their day as well.

All the best this season, whatever it may mean to you. My wish to you is great family time memories and I can’t wait to share more #EnviroEd challenges in 2015.

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