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Weekly Challenge for #EnviroEd # 49: Take Me Outside Day

October 27, 2014


A few years ago I was astounded by Colin Harris who decided to run across Canada, doing a marathon a day in an effort to inform people on the amount of screen time youth spend in front of screens and not truly experiencing life. We were lucky to have him speak to the Peel District School Board in June that year at a barbeque fundraiser for his efforts at the Jack Smythe Field Centre. On October 29th that year he finished his incredible run but the marathon of informing the public of the cause still remains.

Each October 29th we celebrate Take Me Outside Day to inform schools, public and government that having youth outdoors is not an add on but it is essential. As government offers tax breaks for putting your kids into organized sports, one should not dismiss the value of bringing kids out for nature study as well.

This week I’d like to encourage you to bring your class out on October 29th no matter the weather. Put some plans in place for a proper outdoor lesson outside and share your findings from it using the #TMODay and #EnviroEd hashtags. If within my own Board, send me a tweet to inform me of what your students are up to on this day.





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