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Weekly Challenge for #EnviroEd # 45 – Creating Outdoor Games to Highlight Understanding

September 28, 2014

icebreak @ school

I am a huge fan of organized sports – don’t get me wrong. There are few things better for teaching cooperation, teamwork, empathy and passion than working with others towards a common goal.

But I am a huge supporter of UNORGANIZED sport for building upon the very same things as well.

Climbing trees, hopping from rock to rock in a stream bed or playing hide and seek in a field of long grass. When kids have the ability and desire to create their own games with their own version of boundaries and fair rules it can be amazing to watch the inclusiveness that results. I get a thrill each year when Clif has their Kid Backyard Game Competition. 

Along those lines, in the early days of autumn as sweaters begin to be prevalent with the last of the bare toes disappearing with soon to be hibernating sandals – I wonder what games can be created by your own students to highlight their own understanding of their eco-literacy?

Can your students design a fun recycling relay? Or a version of tag that speaks to their comprehension of species at risk or pollution?

I would hazard that the right activity could be made even more outstanding if the outdoor atmosphere suited the game’s background as well. Many Project WILD games can be played in a gymnasium – but if played in the forest or meadow can have much more meaning after all.

Wouldn’t it be great to assess a student’s understanding of the topic based upon the outdoor, interactive, character building activities they create from that? We ask them to design PowerPoints and Prezis, videos and Minecraft worlds … why not just a little outdoor fun where they design, create and showcase their own recess games as a way of evaluating their grasp on environmental awareness?

Give it a try and let me know how it goes?



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