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Weekly Challenge for #EnviroEd # 39 – Summer Investigations

June 17, 2014

Algonquin '13 004

A huge part of being an educator in the 21st Century is striving to engage students in learning opportunities that are passionate to them.

Each of our students is different. Some are passionate about being outdoors, or perhaps they are passionate about animals, species at risk, learning what is in their backyard or growing vegetables.

Whatever their passion for environmental literacy is, summer is a great time to nurture that learning.

Just because our students may not be our students in the next couple of weeks does not mean our connection to them changes. We are their teachers, we can help them learn and develop. We can help them investigate and perhaps create a summer of Environment Friendly Genius Hour discoveries.

I did this myself with my own daughters last summer, asking them to keep journals of our canoe trips and asking them to frame some questions ahead of time of those interior trips. When the car was left behind and the canoe was in the water – they had questions that they designed and actively searched for answers on their queries.

So this week I encourage you to discuss with your students their environmental passions. Discuss books to read, encourage places to visit, and what they should explore to create even more of a connection to the outdoors and the natural world moving forward.

Join Earth Rangers, or support a local walk or tree planting. The opportunities are endless.

Without the shadow of assessment or time tables I wonder just how strong that spark of curiosity can burn.

Feel free to ask me for ideas this week as well. I’d love to hear what your students are hoping to learn this summer! I may not have all the answers (Note: I don’t really – I don’t) but I do have a pretty dang fine Personal Learning Network as do you for #EnviroEd

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