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Weekly Challenge # 35 – Memo to Oneself on Remembering to Play

May 27, 2014


Do you recall how much you loved to make mud pies 40 years ago? How long did you actually send climbing trees or swinging from that rope into the river down the road? 

And if you don’t recall these specifically and just have vague memories of these – don’t you wish that you could have left a message for yourself to remind the older you the important things that you should never forget? 

As a lad I recall catching Leopard Frogs in the fields behind my house for hours and I do enjoy watching my own children doing the same thing. 

I remember fondly spending hours at the beach and never even touching the water as we’d play within the dunes at Sauble Beach – and these dunes are now gone – eroded away as the dune grasses disappeared. 

If I left a message for myself I think I’d include things like: 

1. Remembering every raspberry bush you pass with ripe berries is worthy of your attention. 

2. A perfectly placed rock was likely left there by the glaciers 10,000 years ago just so that I could play King of the Castle today. 

3. I love splashing in a heavy rain

4. Follow the Leader through a cedar grove with uniquely shaped trunks is an adventure. 

5. Rolling down a grassy slope is NOT overrated. 

I’ve seen a number of “videos to my future self” recently – and I wonder what our students would say to themselves when it came to free play out of doors? 

As always, let’s share what we discover, I bet they will remind you of somethings lost to you as well! 


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