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Weekly Challenge # 34 – Birds of a Feather

May 18, 2014

Earlier this week I had this interesting question for some students outside my own Board.

And so, in response I sent back a Tellagami with some basic information on how birds indeed tweet back.

At the end of the 30 second video I ask a question to try to keep the learning going. I do not see myself as Ranger Wikipedia – just here to give answers – I am always attempting to engage students and further the learning which is why most of my answers finish by asking more questions.

In this case I asked classes to share their favorite bird calls with me.

Birds sing for many reasons. When classes come out to feed the Chickadees at our local Peel Board Nature Centres  they will often feed the birds by hand and while they are we discuss the various calls the Black-capped Chickadee makes.

Occasionally we humans will put human words to the calls of the birds such as the “Who Cooks for You” call of the Barred Owl vs the “Who’s Awake? Me Too!” call of the Great Horned Owl.

What does your favorite bird call sounds like if you were to put words to it? Could you potentially put a story to it as well?

I have created a Padlet, ( a public sharing wall) called Birds of a Feather that classes can share their favorite bird calls, their stories and their discoveries this week. I’m very interested in hearing the calls of various birds from our #EnviroEd network. With family in Alberta, I have heard the cry of the magpie – but bet many folk in my Board have not. I read just last year about the Cambodian Tailorbird just recently discovered in the capital city of Cambodia – Phnom Penh and I am sure much of the avian population there is vastly different from around my area.

I have already added a few “Vines” of bird calls in my area that I have taken this spring onto the wall.  However, am just as eager to see how you can share your bird calls with us as well.

We have had some amazing collaborations this year for environmental education via this blog and our #EnviroEd chats on Wednesday nights. Let’s all work together and collaborate on sharing the bird songs of our own backyards and just as exciting commenting on each others’ discoveries. Ask questions on the padlet.  And by all means this is for any and all grade levels!

And of course, we’re always happy to do some “tweeting” of our own as well – we can use the hashtag #BirdTweeting.

… After all, birds of a feather …

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