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Weekly Challenge # 20 – I am a Naturalist …

February 2, 2014


I’ve taught outdoor education since the late 1980’s.

As such I have had numerous titles on my business cards. I have been a conservation education technician, a natural interpreter, an outdoor instructor and more.

I have also been called a conservationist, an environmentalist and a naturalist. I think all three fit me in different ways for at some point I think we’ll have a challenge this year on all three terms.

I have a passion to learn about the natural world. I have just as much passion to share that passion with others. As for my students, I know the first time a chickadee lands on a students hand or when I see them sitting in the filtered sunlight of a sunbeam on a moss covered log writing in their journals – I know I have created – at least temporarily, a fellow naturalist.

If you’ve read this blog this school year and have tried at least a couple of the potential challenges you likely have created, or helped grow some of your own naturalists …

So this week, let’s share. How you share is up to you. The school year is half over and I must admit, I’m curious about the enthusiasm you’ve created for exploring the natural world. Create a sign that says, “I (or We) am a Naturalist because ….” While I recognize you may have concerns with student faces, it should still be fairly easy to share via Twitter, your blog or a school newsletter with parents, coworkers and like-minded teachers. Place the sign in the middle of the bird feeders you’ve created, at the base of your adopted tree or showing a piece of art work you’ve worked on from outdoor time.

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