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Weekly Challenge # 15 – Outdoor Party

December 15, 2013


Every year during the last weeks of school in December there is some sort of holiday party. Certainly you may have students of different faiths and backgrounds but the celebration tends to be about more than just the holidays. It is about what you’ve accomplished as a class – a reflection of the autumn learning that has happened and a chance to look ahead with our class resolutions for the new calendar year as well.

Even if your students do not celebrate Christmas in and of itself, chances are they have heard carols such as Jingle Bells with fun and frolic in a “One Horse open sleigh” or Walking in a Winter Wonderland with mention of “in the meadow we can build a snowman”.

When these carols were written being outdoors during the winter was a hug part of the holidays. Can your holiday party somehow include an outdoor campfire, snow sculptures, tobogganing, snow angels, snow forts (snowball fights will need to wait until students are not on most school grounds of course!). Perhaps you could arrange for some community carolling.

Another idea would be to create a gift giving to your favorite schoolyard “chums” with feathers or fur. Create some bird feeders for the birds or debris habitats for school yard rabbits along your fence line.

So your challenge this week is to bring the outdoors into your seasonal festivities this week. Bring the outside into the spirit of the season.

And, as always, in the spirit of giving, share what you are doing with others! Can’t wait to hear about it.


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