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Weekly Challenge # 13 – Wish You Were Here! – Postcards from the Schoolyard

November 27, 2013


Ah Canada Post and the US Postal Service are busy at this time of year delivering packages and gifts across the world aren’t they?

However, the desire to send the written letter seems to be a dying trait. My grandmother passed away about three years ago and she was the last person I wrote letters with some regularity. There was thought that went into those letters before I wrote each one.

When we wish to share now we do so instantaneously via email, Facetime, or phone call. (Although are we actually calling people still – another question for another day)

One of the sites I look after is the Old Britannia Schoolhouse and at this Victorian era one room schoolhouse we do still start the day with the Lord Prayer, God Save the Queen. We conduct a spelling bee and teach cursive writing. In a time of spell check and instant though non personal proof reading it is a shame what we have lost as a society.

There was a time not long ago when we read or heard stories rather than viewed them. When we heard the inner thoughts of the story tellers rather than only viewing a shell of a story without the reflection or thoughts of those living it.

One of the most simple forms of telling a story via post was the postcard. Through one simple photo and a line with the line “Wish you were here” readers would be regaled with everything that had happened during the adventure. The rest of the story would be up to the reader’s imagination – at least until the writer of the postcard returned from vacation.

So this week I’d like to challenge classes to write, draw or otherwise create postcards for families. Send them a photo of your wild spot, your tree, your outdoor classroom or the students making snow angels in the newly fallen snow and send it as a post card. Such a simple form of story telling.

And for those that are tech savvy there are of course, apps for that such as Postagram or Touchnote on which you can send out to not only parents but to your PLN as well.

One photo, And no more than four or five sentences ~ If you send it to @RangerRidley I bet your students can make me “… wish I was there!”

Good Luck!

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