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Weekly Challenge # 9: The Sounds of Autumn

October 27, 2013

Autumn is an amazing time to be outdoors with your students. The last of the mosquitoes or other biting pests are gone. Students learn to dress appropriately for the coming colder weather and there is a crispness to the air that can not truly be described in words but must be experienced to understand.

Yesterday I was out with my family enjoying the fall weather and the first snow fall of the season. The children were dressed warmly, my father visiting from out west was there as well and we enjoyed a warm campfire in the fall colours.

While enjoying the crackle of the fire there were many other sounds telling us that autumn had arrived. The sounds of geese flying south, or the rustle of the leaves on the ground as the kids walked through them.

Quite often when outdoors it is easy to focus on just what we see rather than what we hear, or smell or feel.


We have harvested wild grapes and enjoyed S’mores around the fire as well so even the autumn tastes including apple cider and more can be appreciated and explored with guidance.

This week, the challenge is to get outside with your students and share the autumn sensory experience with others. What apps, narrative writing, photos, visual arts or crafts can you  create to share the autumn experience where you live with others. Share your ideas, your successes with others at school and within your PLN. How can you share your story of the sounds, the smells, the feel of fall with others? 

Good luck!

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