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Challenge #2 Week of Sept9-13, 2013: #KindergartenBioBlitz the Sequel

September 4, 2013

dr note 065

Back in June of this a year I wrote about a spur of the moment attempt to engage classes away from the Field Centres. This was done via social media.  A number of local kindergarten classes were following me on Twitter so I decided to take the one day study of habitats and try to encourage them to study their own backyards and school grounds by exploring and then sending me photos via Twitter of their discoveries.

Without rewriting that original post I will just say it was a huge success and there were immediate calls for future versions of this event.

So during the week of September 9-13th, 2013 I am encouraging local kindergarten classes to once more explore, engage and share their discoveries with me and each other.

I believe this is not only a great way to learn, or to explore but also is a way to direct and encourage inquiry for the world around us.  For anyone participating, I would also encourage discussion with  other classes as well. There is definitely a sense of accomplishment when the students “stump” the naturalist.

I’m pretty good at identification of species within my own local ecosystems however last time I had a few teachers from other time zones throw me a couple of photos as well and well – they were a little harder to identify. Having said that, I love the challenge and I am in this to learn as well.

I will be throwing out a couple of questions during the week to make it a bit of a scavenger hunt as well (ie Can you find something with eight legs? A tree with opposite arranged branches?, etc). However the main focus of this again is to encourage free discovery so by all means explore and share!

I’ve created a #KindergartenBioBlitz Pinterest Page for those participating as well and I have no doubt there will be some creative stories and uses of the amazing photos shared next week. I encourage all that participate to share via their own blogs or leave comments below.

Hope you can join in!


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